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Supports Flexible Designs

SP5000’s module structure makes it easy to change display size according to a use scenario and customer demands. No configuration changes to the project file are required, and display boxes can be easily converted. Premium Display also supports automatic screen scaling.

Select a front panel color that suits on-site equipment
Choose a color for the front panel suitable to an installation environment and equipment colors.

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Sound audio alarms on external speakers
SP5000 is equipped with an auxiliary interface for audio alarm output to connected speakers.
Expand functions with a single USB cable
Supports the convenient EZ Series option, which allows simple expansion of functionality by connecting a USB cable to SP5000.

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Eliminate maintenance tasks and costs
Modular construction and storage mounts included for the main unit make maintenance easy to perform with SP5000 in a short amount of time. For example, by replacing the display unit alone or just the box, you can eliminate the costs for spare parts. Also, since box replacement entails simply replacing the data media (SD/CFast), anyone can do the job.
USB Front Interface

For Premium Display, USB Interface is located on the front side. It’s easy to take data and do maintenance.

Integrated Mounting Bracket

Integrated mounting bracket does away with the need for separate optional accessories every time setup or maintenance work is conducted.

Use in a variety of locations around the world
Mounted with a number of convenient functions for use in any place around the globe. Functional at up to 60 degrees, SP5000 can be used in high-temperature regions. Delivery overseas runs smoothly because screen items can be set to the local time zone. High memory capacity supports a communicable screen using images and image fonts, and enables multiple language information to be stored in a single data set.
Suitable for use in scenarios with sanitation requirements
SP5000’s support of IP65F / IP66F / IP67F and ability to withstand high-pressure washing makes it suitable for use in scenarios with sanitation requirements.
Use handwritten memos for task handover
SP5000 is fitted with a multi-touch panel where you can leave handwritten memos to share information when handing a task over to someone else at the site.
Screen display brightness can be automatically adjusted
For Premium Display, a brightness sensor detects surrounding luminance to allow automatic adjustment of screen brightness. Eliminates excess electricity and contributes to lower energy use.
Capable of operation that prevents misoperation
SP5000 supports input via pressing two points to support operations such as use of interlock to prevent on-site operator errors.