STC6000 Series

STC6000: Enterprise Wide HMI Solutions

The STC6000 operator interface combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution.

Reduce Machine costs while Increasing performance

  • Reduce component count
  • Eliminate PLC/custom controls
  • Cut remote maintenance costs
  • Eliminate multiple software packages and support


  • Pulse Output for motion control
  • High Speed Counter
  • Built in I/O ideal for sensors, switches, lamps, stack lights, or valves

Line Up



  • DIO 32 points (16 inputs, 16 outputs)
  • CANOpen Modules
  • Max 3 units of TM3/EXM Modules
  • Rear mounting (max 2 units)
  • Full list of STC6000 Series Options