PS5000 Series

The PS5000 Series is the newest line up in the Pro-face Industrial PC family. With multiple display sizes from 10" to 22", customers can choose from a slim, modular, and box design, with low reactivity glass that creates less glare and higher contrast. Available with different processors include Core i3, ATOM, Celeron, and Core i7, there is an option to fit almost any application.

NEW PS5001B Atom Box units are now available! These box units will connect to any PS5000 modular display. Combine with the PS5600T 12" Display for a more powerful drop-in replacement for your current PS4600 industrial PC.



Line Up


SP5000 Options


  - Excellent performance
  - Intuitive multi-touch display
  - High-visibility, high-resolution display
  - Multiple Screen Sizes
    - Extensive connectivity options
  - Remote debugging
  - Wide variety of drivers for program-less connections
  - Fan-less design cuts down on maintenance costs
  - Environmental resistance for a variety of locations
  - Compliant with overseas safety standards
  - Worldwide support
    - Drastically slimmer profile with less wasted space
  - High-quality glass face offering ease of use and visibility
  - Simple, high-level enclosure design to match industrial applications
  - Design- and maintenance-conscious interface layout