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The Customer Newsletter is a monthly communication that provides information on new Pro-face America products, promotions, tools, and news.

The Support Site Newsletter is a periodic communication that provides updates on Pro-face America drivers, app notes, manuals, software, samples, certification, and more.

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Current Customer Newsletter:

June 2019 - 30 Day Free Trial

Previous Customer Newsletters:

May 2019 - Get the most out of your data

April 2019 - Pro-face at OTC

March 2019- New! Atom Box iPC

January 2019 - SP5000 Series Additions

November 2018 - GP-Pro EX v4.08.200

October 2018 - NEW 12" and 12" Wide Displays for PS5000 iPCs

September 2018 - BLUE Open Studio Training

August 2018 - GP-Pro EX v4.08.1, Pressurized Enclosures - Product Selectors

June 2018 - Robot HMI Specialist, White Paper, IoT Gateway - GP4G01

May 2018 - Pro-face IoT Gateway, BLUE Open Studio Expansion, BLUE Open Studio Training

April 2018 - Remote HMI Client, Customer Testimonials, Follow Us!

March 2018 - NEW! GP4000VM, GP-Pro EX Training Course, HMI Screen Design 4.0

February 2018 - Pro-face Connect, PS5000 Display Adapter, Pro-Server EX 1.36

January 2018 - New PS5000 Options, CANopen & FLEX Network Units, GP-Pro EX v4.08

November 2017 - SP5000 XL Displays, Product Modifications, Support Site Updates

October 2017 - Pro-face Connect, GP-Pro EX v4.07.3, Remote HMI Client

September 2017 - BLUE Open Studio w/ Utility Conversion, GP-Pro EX v4.07.2, EZ LAN Adapter

August 2017 - BLUE Open Studio Playlist, PackExpo Las Vegas, SP5000 XL Displays

July 2017 - SP5000 XL Displays, Multi-Converter, Repair Services

June 2017 - SP5000 Open Box, GP-Pro EX Update, BLUE Open Studio Training Bundle

May 2017 - eCatalog, BLUE Open Studio Training Bundle, Habitat for Humanity

April 2017 - Software Guide, GP4100T Compact HMI, USB Solutions

March 2017 - Power Supply Adapter, PS4000 Obsolescence, OTC 2017

February 2017 - GP-Pro EX Training, Windows 7 32-bit, Outlet Store

January 2017 - GP-Pro EX Update, BLUE Open Studio, GP-Pro EX Training

December 2016 - Support Site Updates, New White Paper, Customer Overlays

November 2016 - Limited Time Offers, PS5000 CFast Upgrade, Product Modification

October 2016 - SP5000 Special Offer, PS5000 Special Offer, BLUE Open Studio Demos

September 2016 - Graphical Pendant Station HMI, BLUE Open Studio Training, White Paper

August 2016 - Resistive Touch Monitors, Pro-face Hats, Vote for Pro-face!

July 2016 - BLUE Open Studio, GP-Pro EX Training, Marine Certification

June 2016 - Pressurized Enclosure Applications, GP4100T Connectivity, Outlet Store

May 2016 - PS5000 Industrial PCs, RC6700 Rugged IPC, Updated Apps

April 2016 - HMI Selector, GP-Pro EX Training, Enhanced HMI

March 2016 - GP-4100T Compact HMI, Print On Demand, Software Updates

February 2016 - Remote HMI Special Price, Remote HMI Server, New Migration Tool

January 2016 - Training, Brand Transition, Price & Availability

November 2015 - Remote HMI, Custom Overlays, Training

October 2015 - PS5000 Series, GP-Pro EX v4.04, Wireless HMI Bundle

September 2015 - Remote HMI Sale, Cut-Out Adaptor Plates, AMTS Show

August 2015 - Free Custom Overlays, Wireless Bundle, Free Remote HMI

June 2015 - SP5000 Wireless LAN, Environmental Covers, PS4000

May 2015 - Custom Overlays, eCatalog, Repair Video

April 2015 - SP5000 Series, LT4000M Series, EZ Series

March 2015 - Amazon, eCatalog, Software Guide

February 2015 - Product Modifications, FP5000 Series, SP5000 Open Box 

January  2015 - Custom Overlay, Leadership Award, GP-Pro EX

December 2014 - Custom Overlay, Outlet Store, WinGP Video

November 2014 - Remote HMI Sale, GP4000M Rear Module, GP-Pro Viewer EX

October 2014 - HMI Overlays, Remote HMI Sale, Digital Tools

August 2014 - Product Training, SP-5000 Series, Technical Support Site

June 2014 - SP5000 Series HMI, Price & Availability, Resource Library

May 2014 - GP-Pro EX 4.0, Remote HMI Server, Essentials Guide to Local Visualization

April 2014 - EZ Numpad, Rear Mounted HMI, 3D CAD Diagrams

March 2014 - PS4600 iPC, GP-Pro EX v3.6, Remote HMI v1.2

February 2014 - Pro-Server EX Video, HMI Fundamentals, Pro-face eCatalog

January 2014 - GP-Pro EX Training, 20% off PS4000 Series, Remote HMI Giveaway

December 2013 - Repair Services, 20% of PS4000 IPCs, Free Shipping

November 2013 - Free Shipping, GP-Pro EX Upgrade, Learning Center

October 2013 - Enter to Win, Pro-face Training, Process Expo

September 2013 - GP4000 Accessories, 360 Degree Swivel Shots, 3D CAD Drawings

August 2013 - Interactive Brochure, LT4000M Series HMI, PackExpo 2013

July 2013 - New Website!, Pro-face Industrial PC Video, GP-Pro EX Training

June 2013 - We Are Pro-face, Pro-face eCatalog, Remote HMI Video