STM6000 Options

Serial Interface

* The cable/adapter requirements vary depending on other devices. Please refer to the Device/PLC connection manual.

Product Name Model No. Description
RS-422 Terminal Block
Conversion Adapter
PFXZCBADTM1 Connects output from a serial interface (D-sub 9 pin plug)
directly to an RS-422 terminal block.
COM Port Conversion Adapter CA3-ADPCOM-01 Connects optional RS-422 communication items to serial interface.
RS-232C Isolation Unit CA3-ISO232-01 Connects a host controller to this product and provides isolation
(RS-232C and RS-422 are switchable).

USB (Cables/Adapters)

USB (Type A) Interface

Product Name Model No. Description
USB Front Cable (1 m) CA5-USBEXT-01 Extension cable that attaches USB interface to front panel.

USB (micro-B) interface

Product Name Model No. Description
USB Transfer Cable PFXZUSCBMB2 Cable for transferring screen data from a PC (USB Type A) to this product (USB micro-B)
USB (micro-B) Front Cable PFXZCIEXMB2 Extension cable that attaches USB interface to front panel.


Product Name Model No. Description
BLUE Professional PFXBLPCZLSPM** BLUE Professional (DVD)
BLUE Professional Group License PFXBLPCZLGPM** BLUE Professional Group License (3 Licenses / License key code)
BLUE Professional Team License PFXBLPCZLTPM** BLUE Professional Team License (10 Licenses / License key code)
BLUE Basic PFXBLECZLSPM** BLUE Basic (DVD)  for only ST6000 Series / GP4100 Series Color Model


Product Name Model No. Description Compatible Model
Screen Protection Sheet 
with UV protected
4-inch PFXZCIDS42 Disposable, dirt-resistant and ultra-violet protection sheet ( 1 sheet /set ) STM-6200WA
7-inch PFXZCIDS72 STM-6400WA
Rear Module Installation
PFXZCM6DSA Adapter for installing the rear module on a DIN rail. All models
Spacer 4-inch PFXZCM6MP2

Plate for adjusting installation panel thickness

for display module.

7-inch PFXZCM6MP4 STM-6400WA
Display Module/Rear Module
Separation Cable

Cable for use when installing the rear module and

display module apart from the other.

All models
5 m PFXZCM6SM5 All models
10 m PFXZCM6SM10 All models


* Please purchase when the product is damage or lost.

Product Name Model No. Description Compatible Model
Rear Module PFXSTM6B Rear module for STM6000 Series All models
Display Module 4-inch PFXSTM62TP Display modules for STM6000 Series STM-6200WA
7-inch PFXSTM64TP STM-6400WA
Installation Gasket 4-inch PFXZCIWG43 Provides dust and moisture resistance
when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece).
7-inch PFXZCIWG73 STM-6400WA
DC Power Supply Connector CA5-DCCNM-01 Connector to connect DC power supply cables. All models
USB Clamp Type A (for 1 port) PFXZCBCLUSA1

Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable
(for 1 port, USB Type A, 5 pieces/set)

All models
Display Installation Nut PFXZGMNT1 Nut to install the display module (10 pieces/set) All models
Socket Wrench PFXZGMSW1 Socket wrench to tighten and loosen the display installation nut All models
Accessories Kit PFXZCM6KIT Anti-rotation Tee,USB Clamp Type A, USB Clamp mini-B *1
(1 piece/each)
All models

*1 USB Clamp mini-B can be used for optional USB micro-B cables.