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Connect directly to a wide range of devices. From IT network to I/O, connect and visualize with a single unit.
Remote monitoring of on-site situations in real-time

Connect to a wide range of control equipment

Support connection with a wide range of industrial controllers including PLCs, motion controllers, robots, and other devices. A USB to RS-422/485 conversion adapter can be used to allow connection to a wide range of control equipment including temperature controllers, inverters, and PLCs.

For more information on supported equipment, please refer to this list.


  1. Only for HMI with control function
  2. Coming Soon

Use Video for On-Site Adjustments with COGNEX In-Sight vision system communication driver

In combination with a COGNEX In-Sight vision system*3, the settings can be changed when watching images from the cameras on a display unit on site.*4


  1. A communication driver supports In-Sight Micro series and In-Sight 5000 series.
  2. You can view video images from up to 3 cameras on a single screen. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to GP.Display position (X/Y), exposure time, focus, lighting and brightness can be adjusted on GP.

Ethernet Multi-Link function

The Ethernet Multi-Link function allows you to easily add a display unit as a sub-display to the facility without changing any settings of the control device.


Easily connect multiple USB devices

A controller with serial interface, EZ Series accessory unit, bar code reader, and USB flash drive can be easily connected to the display unit.

* EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit also requires power supply cable.
* Except for serial devices via USB-RS422/485 conversion adapter, multiple devices of the same model cannot be connected.

  1. Coming Soon

Operation Indicate status of not displayed screens for each line or machine

EZ Illuminated Switch can be set to indicate alarm status with different colors according to current status. All alarm histories in the display unit can be checked and operated on one EZ Illuminated Switch. You can check alarm status even when operating another screen or when the display unit is in standby mode.



Achieve goals promptly and boost system performance easily

GP-Pro EX delivers a range of advanced functions that allow you to respond promptly to the needs of the ever-evolving manufacturing worksite.
It provides comprehensive programming and log analysis functions to aid the development of more sophisticated systems.
Achieve goals promptly and boost system performance easily

Smooth alarm analysis

Production loss can be minimized with "Alarm Analysis" function.

When an error occurs, an operator can easily seek and check the condition on-site, just by touching the alarm message to call up various error-related data in chronological order. An alarm analysis screen with timing chart of alarm-related device addresses can be simply configured only through a few steps on GP-Pro EX software for easy troubleshooting, debugging and/or design changes of production equipment to reduce downtime for enhanced productivity.
Sampling Data - Collecting various data during production
Temperature, voltage, and other desired address values can be stored in the memory. Data and times can be confirmed on the sampling display.
Historical Trend Graph - Displaying data in an easy-to-see graph
The change in the collected data over time is displayed in an easy-to-understand form with a graph. The graph can be traced back to see the past data.
Operation Log - Recording the operator's operation
Operations are saved to a log, so you can see who did what, and when. The log can also be used for a trend analysis of erroneous operation of operators.

Easier to change a recipe

Line setting changes can be performed smoothly with "Enhanced Recipe function".

With the conventional recipe function, all recipe data must be stored at continuous addresses.
The new recipe function allows writing random addresses and multiple data formats as a recipe.

Ehanced Recipe function

Data at discontinuous addresses or in different formats can be processed all at once.
(* GP-4*01TW and GP-4401WW don't support the sort/ search feature.)

Alarm History Banner Display

Long alarm messages are automatically scrolled and displayed so their details can be checked.

Alarm History Banner

Output of sampling data in a CSV format

The data (sampling data) sampled by sampling feature is saved in CSV format on an USB storage device. This improves the efficiency of preparing daily and monthly reports.

Save sampling data onto an USB storage device

Analyze problem causes easily with historical trend graphs

GP-Pro EX provides the ability to display error logs in graph form, making it easy to analyze the causes of a problem. Supported features include enlarged/reduced display, auxiliary line display for upper and lower limits, and XY scatter graphs.

Historical Trend Graph

Manage operation log data

GP-Pro EX lets you obtain operation logs for each operator on a part-by-part basis. This gives you the ability to convert just the sections you need into data for easy management.

Operation Log

Log operator history data to track change.

Log more information in operator history data to track changes.

Configure detailed security settings for each user

GP-Pro EX lets you configure detailed authorization settings by setting different passwords and security level IDs for each part.

Security feature

Change security settings from an HMI during operation

Password configuration, fingerprint authentication, and other security settings can be performed on a local display unit even while the machine is running.


Remote monitoring of on-site situations in real-time

"GP-Viewer EX"
View and operate a remote GP from an office PC

View and operate on-site display unit on a remote PC via Ethernet to monitor on-site status.
>>For details

GP-Viewer EX

* A separate license must be purchased.

"Web Server"
View the information of alarms and device addresses on a browser

Remote monitoring and maintenance can be done from office viewing the information of alarms and device addresses on a browser. Additionally, alarm notifications can be sent in real-time through RSS feeds.
>>Operating Environment

Web Server