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Connect Different Networks after Securing Safety

Mounted with 2 Ethernet ports, SP5000 makes network segmentation simple. Different IP addresses can be configured for each port, enabling safety to be secured before construction of the network system. For example, installing SP5000 between office and factory networks helps utilization of both the big data continuously increasing at the production site as control devices get faster, and the continuously increasing big data on the office side of production control.

Network Modularity

Until now, only 1 IP address could be set to our existing HMI, and it took equipment manufacturers a lot of time to change all device IP addresses on various tools at the time of delivery. SP5000 allows you to eliminate reconfiguration time at delivery by allowing 2 IP addresses to be configured from the start.

Protects system even during a sudden power interruption

Computers are useful for general-purpose applications, but needed an uninterruptible power supply or similar measures in case of a sudden power interruption. SP5000 is fitted with a data backup NVRAM to protect histrical data in the event of a sudden power interruption. Power can be turned off in the same way as the normal HMI even without executing shutdown processes like a computer.