STM6000 Features

Refined | Simple & Easy | Connected & Secure


16 Million Colors

Achieve the previously unimaginable and bring displays to life with 16 million colors.

Better Graphics and Font

Display beautiful fonts with anti-aliasing.

Customize gradation and transparency to meet your needs.

Simple & Easy

Color Set and Coveter

Support HMI project designer to adapt/customize projects and create easily situational awareness projects delivering more intuitive projects to the operators.

ST6000 Simple  Easy_01


Simply display all necessary screens in one place. Multi-screen information gives rise to improvement in operation efficiency.

Responsive Behavior (Dock Panel)

Adapt the size of information to meet your needs with one click on the dynamic display.


Easy & Fast Installation

The product can be installed easily as no tools are necessary and very fast with the unique push-button mounting system through a φ22 mm circular hole.

Flexible Installation

Thanks to modularity design, for specific applications (space, temperature, or vibration constraints ) product can be separated with cable accessory 3m, 5m,10m to install the Display module on the panel door and the rear module on DIN rail with dock station adapter.

Effortless Migration

Using the same cut-out free system  Hardware substitution at the same place of GP4000M series is easy to do.  The same level of certifications including Marine & Hazardous Location ( UL Class1 Div2 and ATEX zone 2/22 ) for identical applications *ATEX/IECEx Zone 2/22 will be acquired in2021. *Marine will be acquired in2022.

Easy Maintenance

Spare part front & rear modules are available to replace the faulty part.

Easy Access to User Manual

User manual via a QR code on the product label for easy maintenance on filed.

Connected & Secure

Pro-face connectivity

User-friendly protocols allowing you to connect your devices with ease via multiple interfaces and connect OT to IT with OPC-UA server.

Secure remote access solution

"Pro-face Connect" is a ready-to-use solution for Remote Access Over Internet on ST6000 Series without programming or configuring each device. Start using the cloud based "Pro-face Connect" Smart Industry solution on your existing network without involving your IT department. No network or firewall configurations are required and still the highest level of security and encryption is in place from end to end, from any PC, tablet and smartphone to your machinery.

ST6000 Pro-face connect

Enhanced cybersecurity

Enhanced cybersecurity against basic intentional attacks:

  • Need admin rights to download project to HMI target
  • Auto user log out after predefined idle time
  • Doing security checking during booting
  • Secure Ethernet download supported by IPSec and password protected project file