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Software Licenses

" ** " is changed with the version of software.
Product Name Model# Descriptions Supported Models
BLUE Professional PFXBLPCZLSPA** BLUE Professional (Digital) ST6000 Series, STM6000 Series, GP4100 Series Color model, SP5000 Series, PS5000 Series
BLUE Professional Group License PFXBLPCZLGPA** BLUE Professional Group License (3 Licenses / License key code) (Digital)
BLUE Professional Team License PFXBLPCZLTPA** BLUE Professional Team License (10 Licenses / License key code) (Digital)
BLUE Basic PFXBLECZLSRA** BLUE Single License (1 License) (Digital) ST6000 Series, STM6000 Series, GP4100 Series Color model
BLUE Runtime PFXBLRCZLSPA** BLUE Runtime for Windows PC (Digital) PS5000 Series and PC/AT
BLUE Web Viewer Runtime PFXWRT001A BLUE Web Viewer Runtime Single License / License key code (Digital) ST6000 Series, STM6000 Series, SP5000 Series, PS5000 Series
PFXWRT010A BLUE Web Viewer Runtime 10 Licenses / License key code (Digital)
PFXWRT100A BLUE Web Viewer Runtime 100 Licenses / License key code (Digital)
BLUE USB Media Installer PFXBTUSB32 USB Media with an installer

Operating Environment

Supported Models

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