SP5000 Open Box with BLUE Open Studio

SP5000 Series Open Box compatible with Line Management Lite SCADA BLUE Open Studio

SP5000 Series Open Box (SP-5B41S8A) compatible with BLUE Open Studio has been released. SP5000 Series is now included in the models supporting Line Management Lite SCADA BLUE Open Studio that is popular as an offer bundled with industrial computer PS5000 Series. This product can be combined with a display of SP5000 Series from 19" Wide (FWXGA) to 7" Wide (WVGA) for use.

Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces.

Not only can you use the product as a GP-Pro EX-based high end HMI, but also you can use it to monitor data with BLUE Open Studio, Lite SCADA, expanding the range of using SP5000 Series.

SP5000 Series compatible with BLUE Open Studio

Product Name Screen Size Specifications
SP-5800WC + SP-5B41S8A 19" Wide (FWXGA) Display / Box
SP-5700WC + SP-5B41S8A 15" Wide (FWXGA) Display / Box
SP-5700TP + SP-5B41S8A 15" (XGA) Display / Box
SP-5660TP + SP-5B41S8A 12" (XGA) Display / Box
SP-5600TP + SP-5B41S8A 12" (XGA) Display / Box
SP-5500TP + SP-5B41S8A 10" (SVGA) Display / Box
SP-5600WA + SP-5B41S8A 12" Wide (WXGA) Display / Box
SP-5500WA + SP-5B41S8A 10" Wide (WXGA) Display / Box
SP-5400WA + SP-5B41S8A 7" Wide (WVGA) Display / Box


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