PS5000 Product End of Commercialization Notice

November 29, 2021

Product End of Commercialization Notice

Dear Partners:

The PS5000 Series configurations that include the Corei7™, Corei3™, and Celeron™ processors are entering the End of Commercialization as of March 2022. Last time buy for this product will be December 31, 2021.

Due to the limited availability of the products in stock, shipping will end when the stock is depleted.

A path of migration includes the availability of these processors within the PS6000 series and is recommended before these parts are no longer available for purchase.

End of repair date: 3/31/2025*

*Pro-face may not be able to repair products when replacement parts become unavailable, regardless of the maintenance period.

Email to get accurate availability.


Pro-face America Management