PS5000 Features - Reliability

Powerful Connectivity Reliability Design Quality

No need for regular maintenance thanks to a fan-less design

Industrial computer fans for excessive heat can stop functioning due to dust, oil, or other factors from the manufacturing site.

By using a fan-less design, there's no need to change the fan on a regular basis, thus reducing maintenance costs and management effort.





Compliant with overseas safety standards for worry-free exporting

This Pro-face industrial PC has acquired global safety standard certification in regions all over the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.

In addition, customers can download various types of certifications from the Pro-face website for use when exporting equipment.

Stable, long-term supply of OS updates for a longer equipment life

When it comes to industrial equipment, customer demand requires a design that assumes the equipment will be used for a long time.

In recent years, innovations in the IT field have been fast-paced, making it difficult to establish a stable supply of OS updates over a long period of time. At Pro-face, our devices are built under a Microsoft® OEM Customer License Agreement for Embedded Systems.

This agreement means we can offer products with long-term support, giving customers peace of mind when attaching our products to existing equipment.

Worldwide support for worry-free global expansion

With Pro-face offices all over the world, customers can receive repairs when products that get broken as well as technical support during installation, ensuring peace of mind when exporting equipment to local factories.

Worldwide Locations