PS5000 Features - Connectivity

Powerful Connectivity Reliability Design Quality

A variety of options to fit the required interface

Choose from a variety of interface options such as Gigabit Ethernet, DIO, and serial for even more functions.

In addition to the wide variety of standard interfaces built-in, the additional interface options make this an ideal product for customers looking to expand connected equipment in order to broaden their product lineup.

Remote debugging for reduced labor at start-up


Device verification before shipment and debugging during start-up following installation or during maintenance can be done using a hand-held tablet.

The ability to perform operations with a tablet means a worker can continue with operation checks even when the operation panel for checking I/O and other operations is not near the check location, such as with large equipment or lengthy equipment that uses conveyors or the like.

Details of Pro-face Remote HMI

Wide variety of drivers for program-less connections to control equipment

An extensive array of drivers is available for freely connecting to any manufacturer's control equipment.

In order to ensure usability of a customer's control equipment attached to a device, the available drivers allow communication and control without driver development and with no programming necessary.

Easily connect any control equipment to the internet, bringing it up-to-date via the Internet of Things (IoT).