Pro-face America Announces GP-Pro EX v4.09 with email capabilities

Customers from various industries have praised GP-Pro EX since its debut in 2003. By continuously advancing to meet customer needs, it became the de facto standard screen editor software for visualizing manufacturing sites. In 2013, we led the industry by launching Pro-face Remote HMI for remote display and operation of HMIs on tablets. Now we’re further improving remote capabilities with a free update to GP-Pro EX that adds email sending capabilities. Leverage Pro-face connectivity with this free remote solution today! You can count on GP-Pro EX to keep providing more IoT features that meet customer needs.

Empower your equipment

With this simple software update, your Pro-face HMI can directly send an email via SMTP (TLS / SSL). You can also set triggers to transmit desired information whenever you like. SSL certificate compatibility satisfies the most security-minded customers

Having trouble adding the function of IIoT?

By updating to GP-Pro EX V4.09, you can receive timely information via email on site – anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with encryption and SSL certificate

Satisfies email transmission security needs

  • Compatible with encryption
  • Compatible with authentication mode
  • Compatible with SSL certificate (root certificate)
  • Ethernet segmentation (GP4000 requires special option)

Log data attachment feature

This update lets you quickly investigate the cause of alarms, etc. by attaching sampling data and operation log data to email.




Quick and easy update

There’s no need to waste time upgrading the PLC program.
Simply update your GP-Pro EX screen data and you’re ready to go.




Other functions

  • Emails can be sent using To, Cc and Bcc fields.
  • The subject and body can be freely edited.
  • Alarm messages, device values (bits, decimals, strings) and text can be sent via triggers.

How to set up email function