October 2016 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

SP5000 Special Offer

For a limited time only, Pro-face America announces 50% OFF the purchase of any SP5000 Display and Power Box unit, bundled with GP-Pro EX and Remote HMI! Offer valid through December 16, 2016. Contact your Pro-face Distributor for more information.

PS5000 Special Offer

Also for a limited time only, you can receive up to 40% OFF on several 15" PS5000 iPCs. Package includes BLUE Open Studio Runtime, SSD 80GB Storage, and Preferred Operating System (WES7, Win7, Win8.1). Offer valid through January 15, 2017. Contact your Pro-face Distributor for more information.


BLUE Open Studio Demos

We have created and posted two new demo applications for BLUE Open Studio:
BLUE Open Studio PCDemo - Showcases the features and functionality of the Blue Open Studio software.
BLUE Open Studio PackML Demo - Demonstrates the PackML capability available in Blue Open Studio.

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