February 2015 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

Product Modifications

Custom overlays, bundled solutions, pre-loaded projects... Pro-face America has a Product Modification Department that is unequalled in the industry. We can tailor our products to meet the individual needs of your organization! What can we do for you?

FP5000 Flat Panels

Available in 12.1" and 15" and with an IP67F protection rating, the new FP5000 series Flat Panel Monitors offer Windows 8 compatibility, automatic resolution adjustment, and analog resistive mulit-touch gesture operation to help prevent misoperation.

SP5000 Open Box

Introducing the newest addition to the SP5000 series, the Open Box has the ability to run a variety of Windows applications on WES7 (equipped with HMI Runtime as standard). Change screen size with a "snap," 2 COM ports, 3 Type A USB ports, and 1 mini box module USB.

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