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Versatile Software BLUE

Versatile Software
Revolution new software, BLUE will offer an alternative experience in hardware design. Anyone can easily create and change dynamic screens that allow for gesture operation. BLUE will provide a ground-breaking versatile design style.

Learn more ST6000 and BLUE IoT Solution
Expand HMI Centric Architecture for realizing Industrial IoT.

Simple, Secure & Robust Secure Remote Maintenance
You can start remote maintenance services at various locations quickly. No need to install any additional gateway box or Edge Box. HMI can be a gateway server (the VPN server) for remote maintenance.

ST6000 and BLUE with Industrial grade 4G router

Simple, Secure & Robust Secure Remote Maintenance
Enable remote monitoring service with Cloud application. You can quickly start remote monitoring services using a popular cloud service, Amazon Web Services.


ST6000 and BLUE with Industrial grade 4G router

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You can search an objective display unit by series name or display size. After selecting checkbox and clicking [Show Result], you can see the list of supported feature.
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