PS6000 Features

A new Experience for Automation Engineers from system design to commissioning

To run any software

To run any software and any type of use case for any architecture need.
Connect directly to a wide range of devices and networks with various vendors. Ready-to-use embedded HMI service to access machines remotely and securely.



A rich modular catalog

From a rich modular catalog, easy change modules to flexible meet various needs.
Easy to find your favorite configuration, “Product Configurator".


Effortless development

Effortless development with various HMI Specialist services & support.

  •  Strong technical support: Global availability / Technical support/documentation / Strong relationships with customers etc.
  • HMI Design Studio (link is external): Helps you and your team to create HMI designs for engineering
  • AVEVA Industrial Graphics: Common graphics editor  with AVEVA software suite
  • Node-RED(Open source framework): Create applications connecting APIs, online services, and devices.


Best in class pre-installed bundle

Best in class pre-installed* bundle to improve your business with easy select and quick deliver. 

  1. Configured bundle, Hardware, Software and OS (Single configured order, for fast delivery of PS6000 with latest pre-installed* software version, and activation license, rich options. The dedicated support team for a single contact window to resolve any issues)
  2. Save time & resources on validation and commissioning (Extensive testing and validation process from the HMI leader, for easy integration, hardware, software and operating systems to complete commissioning faster.To save time, money and resources making application up and running)
  3. Sustainable supply & compatibility (A single supplier for software and hardware requirements.Stress-free migration to new releases, answering long-term industry requirements)

Easy to find your favorite configuration, “PS6000 on-line configurator (link is external)


Easily selected with Product Configurator

Rich options, easily selected with new on-line configurator with quick deliver.
Easy to find your favorite configuration, “Product Configurator (link is external)


A new Experience for Operators and Production Managers

UI design and integrate application from a leader in HMI software

Integrated applications from a leader in HMI software with Blue Open Studio (link is external).
Supports capabilities:

  • Animation
  • E-mail
  • local recipe management
  • Secure remote connections
  • Multi-touch
  • Multilanguage
  • FDA traceability
  • PDF export



Tailored visualization

Tailored visualization per user’s needs using Business Intelligence Dashboards. Integrated applications from a leader in HMI software with Blue Open Studio (link is external).


Performing but economical

High-performance with the latest CPU and display for smart manufacturing.
Performing but economical with the latest four cores Intel CPUs for industry and stylish modular displays with aesthetic design making machine nice.


Innovative displays

Innovative displays to flexible change the touch mode. Quickly change display type for operators situation with configuration.


To run on most demanding industrial environments

Designed and certified to run on most demanding industrial environments.
Robust from the top leader HMI specialist, for 24/7 stable operations.

  • No fan to avoid filter cleaning and breakdowns
  • High vibration and shock resistance (no HHD, mainboard coated….)
  • Hazardous Locations and Marine certifications.
  • Operating System, firmware and utility set for industrial use


Secure system

Enhanced cybersecurity against basic intentional attacks.
Compliant Achilles/IEC-62443 for a secure system.


A new Experience for Maintenance Specialists

Easy remote maintenance

Easy remote maintenance, measure downtime in hours, not days.
Start using the cloud-based "Pro-face Connect (link is external)" Smart Industry solution on your existing network without involving your IT department. No network or firewall configurations are required and still, the highest level of security and encryption is in place from end to end, from any PC, tablet, and smartphone to your machinery.


Smart maintenance

Smart maintenance to reduce downtime and improve productivity.
EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor puts real-time information at your fingertips, whenever and wherever it is needed. The custom application improves operational efficiency with augmented reality, enabling operators to superimpose the current data and virtual objects onto a cabinet, machine, or plant.

  • Reduce downtime - Open electrical cabinet doors virtually
  • Speed up operation and maintenance - Find information faster with immediate access in the field to real-time data, user manuals, instructions, diagrams, etc.
  • Reduce human errors - Locate the right equipment and guide operators step-by-step to complete maintenance procedures


Long Term Peace of Mind

Long Term Peace of Mind thanks to long availability, global support, and training.
Long availability and best in class global services, makes maintenance efficiency for reduced downtime and cost of ownership

  • A fast global supply chain with express deliveries
  • Global support accuracy and effective training
  • Efficient standard repair and Premium services (extended warranty, refurbish...)
  • Long availability


Easy legacy migration

Easy legacy migration from PS5000 Industrial PC.
Same panel cut and much better performance for identical applications.