USB Solutions

Pro-face EZ Series HMI accessories are easy to connect and powered by the USB port, easy to install with 22mm hole mounting, and easy to set up with GP-Pro EX.

• Easy to Connect - USB Connection
• Easy to Install - 22mm Hole Mounting
• Easy to Setup - No need for special programing, easy setup by GP-Pro EX
• Multi-color LED’s allow colors and functions to be changed per pre-set status
• Switch between input and function keys

EZ Tower Light
The EZ Tower Light makes your status system easier to understand by leveraging the multi-color LEDs which allows the flexibility to control 4 colors and 2 flash rates per unit.

• Control 4 colors and 2 flash rates per unit
• Base and Tube Mounting options available
• 4 buzzer sounds

EZ Illuminated Switch
The EZ Illuminated Switch is a bank of 5 light-up buttons which can be configured in six different colors and 3 blink speeds. Use the easily printable insert labels to create dedicated pushbuttons. The EZ Illuminated Switch allows operations where tactile feedback is desired, like when the operator pushing the button but looking elsewhere. It can also be set to indicate alarm status with different colors.

• 5 switches with multi-colored LEDs
• Tactile Switches, Changeable among 6 colors
• 3 speed blinking

EZ Numpad
The EZ Numpad is an alphanumeric keypad that features the same 22-millimeter holes used to install hardware switches and lamps used on production work sites.

• Switch between input and function key
• Extend screen lifetime
• Gives tactile feedback to operator

EZ LAN Adapter
The EZ LAN Adapter is a conversion adapter that attaches to the USB (Type A) interface on the display unit so you can use it as an Ethernet interface.