SP5000s + Control


Combine the SP5000 power box unit (SP5B10) with any SP5000 display and either CANopen or Flex Network Master module for great performance, flexibility and network connectivity. Add single platform data management and control with GP-Pro Ex or Pro-Server EX software to complete the winning combination.

Connect with the SP5000 Series Power Box to expand the I/O feature and create a unit with simple control and:

  • Reduce cost by downsizing equipment.
  • Install optional features without changing the PLC configuration of the original equipment.
  • Improve equipment on manufacturing floors by utilizing a data-mixed HMI that can connect with the host system directly to collect sensor information, as well as, a range of controller information to respond to data management trends accelerated by IIoT.
Part Number Description Pick a SP5000 Display and Power Box
PFXZCHEUCAM1 SP5000 CANopen Master COMM unit SP5000 Series Line-Up
PFXZCDEUCA1 SP5000 CANopen Slave COMM unit SP5000 Series Line-Up
PFXZCHEUFN1 SP5000 FLEX NETWORK Master COMM Unit SP5000 Series Line-Up


  • Screen creation and control programming with a piece of software
  • Bit input/output 1024 points, Integer input/output 256 points
  • Large-sized display (19” wide to 7” wide)
  • Easily adding I/O features
  • Mobility products supported (Pro-face HMI, Pro-face Connect)

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