Pro-face Connect Packages

Pro-face Connect

Standard Packages

Standard package content

Package Name Model No. LinkManager for PC SiteManager
Free Trial (30 days) PFXCONFREE30 1 license included 1 SiteManager Extended 5 license
Essential Pack 1 *1 *2 PFXCONPACKESS 1 license included 5 SiteManager  Extended licenses *3 *4
Enterprise Pack 2 *1 *2 PFXCONPACKENT 1 licenses included 20 SiteManager Extemded licenses *3 *4

*1 One package per customer account. One customer can have multiple accounts. PFXCONPACKESS is charged as a renewable service on a yearly basis, except for the trial package. Customers may request termination of their yearly contract at least one month in advance of the end date. At the end date of a terminated contract the customer account is closed and all associated options are lost.
*2 PFXCONPACKESS can be upgraded PFXCONPACKENT at any time during the yearly subscription period.
*3 SiteManager Extended 5 gives access to the on-site touch panel and 5 of its connected drives and PLCs.
*4 SiteManager Basic gives access to the on-site touch panel. For OEM machine builders the number of SiteManagers will be increased at yearly package renewal to allow continued remote support to their end-customers (for PFXCONPACKESS,  1 new SiteManager license with 5 additional assests on package renewal). PFXCONPACKENT is a one time purchase 20 SiteManager Licenses and 100 assests.


Extending a standard package *5

Option Name Model No. Quantity Description
LinkManager license PFXCONLINK1 1 license per PC LinkManager to add remote PCs.
LinkManager Mobile license PFXCONLINKM1 1 license per mobile device LinkManager Mobile to add mobile devices. 
SiteManager Basic license PFXCONSMBSCL 5 licenses SiteManager activations on on-site SP5000 Smart Portal HMI or PS5000 IPC.
SiteManager Extended 5 license PFXCONEXTD5 1 license SiteManager access to 5 connected drives, cameras, PLCs etc.
SiteManager Extended 10 license PFXCONEXTD10 1 license  SiteManager access to 10 connected drives, cameras, PLCs etc. 
GateManager Premium Access license PFXCONGMPREM 1 license per customer account Premium functionality in the GateManager cloud.
User statistics license PFXCONSTAT 1 license per customer account View statistics of user login and data usage.
*5 Options can be added to all standard packages, except the trial package.