GP-Pro EX Programming Tools

Screen Creation and Editing Made Easier

GP-Pro EX offers extensive tools and features to enhance your ability to create project screens fast and easy!

  • New support funcitons including Windows 8.
  • Use the image library to quickly Drag and Drop items to your screen.
  • Automatically convert applications to multi-language.
  • Pull items from our sample parts list using Drag and Drop.

All these features are standard and now, we've included some enhancements, such as:

  • Screen Creation
    • Windows 7 64-bit Support
    • Full Screen Editor Mode
      • Project Password Protection
    • Compares 2 projects and displays the differences.
    • Even easier-to-understand icon design
    • Groups, Screens and Scripts
    • Realistic Switch & Lamp Shapes
    • Building Automation Switch, Lamp & Icon Shapes
    • Microsoft Visio drawing import
    • Easy Screen Background Selection
    • Address Default Setting
    • Copy & Paste Object Shapes
    • Updated Color Selection
    • Shared Package Files
    • Direct Text Label Editing
    • Easy Script Access
    • Development Language Selection
    • Drag & Drop Call Screens
    • Symbol Detail Import
    • Screen Data List access to Fix Pins
  • Logic Creation
    • Instruction List (IL) added
    • Reusable Logic Packages
      • Rung or Rungs
      • Subroutines
    • Increased number of Logic Steps
    • Logic Simulation
    • Online Logic Editing Updated
    • Batch addition of variables to Watchlist