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PS6000 Parts AVAILABLE!*

Displays Processors Storage Memory Power


19" Wide

22" Wide

Core i7

256 SSD

128 M2

256 M2

512 SSD







Click on the links below to find a list of basic IPC configurations available by processor:*

For additional options, please work with your Pro-face America Area Sales Manager. Options beyond the basic IPC configurations shown may add to the 3 day shipping offer provided with this campaign.

Support Materials:

PS6500 10"W Screen Datasheet | PS6700 15" Screen Datasheet | PS6900 22"W Screen Datasheet 
PS6800 19"W Screen Datasheet | Box Datasheet Find a Distributor

*This lists of available parts is updated regularly; however, there is always the chance that quantities will change between the time a customer reviews the list and is ready to place an order. Please always confirm availability with before submitting an order.

** US Customers Only. Excluding IPCs that require the HASLO rating.