PS5000 Features - Design Quality

Powerful Connectivity Reliability Design Quality

Drastically slimmer profile with less wasted space

By paying close attention to shaving off every possible millimeter, we have achieved an ultra-thin design only about 40% as deep as conventional products.

With a thinner operation panel to deal with when designing equipment, customers can greatly reduce costs associated with purchasing operation panels.

High-quality glass face offering ease of use and visibility

The display is made of low-reflective glass. And with less glare and higher contrast, the display boasts improved visibility in any setting.

In addition, the smudge-resistant, slick surface makes gesture operations like swiping and pinching extremely smooth.

Simple, high-level enclosure design to match industrial applications

Being an industrial PC, this product adopts a minimalist design that does away with wasteful components.

The high-quality, attractive enclosure is simple and takes into account the waste heat efficiency required for industrial applications by offering such features as a heat sink integrated within the housing.

In addition, the fan-less design means the product is quiet, allowing it to also be used in quiet locations such as hospitals or in such locations as clean rooms.

Design- and maintenance-conscious interface layout

To make things easier for designers and maintenance personnel, the interfaces have all been gathered on the lower part of the unit.

The interface layout takes into consideration the position of connectors, allowing for easy cable design during equipment planning and smooth mounting and removal during maintenance.