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EZ Numpad

Product Name Model No. Description
Accessories Kit for EZ Numpad PFXZCCAKKB1 Anti-rotation Tee (5pcs) *1, USB cable clamp to prevent disconnection (USB/mini-B, 1 port, 5pcs) *1, Function Key Label for EZ Numpad (2pcs/sheet) *1
EZ Series Wall Adaptor Attachment PFXZCEATWM1 This attachment allows you to mount the EZ Series Unit on the wall. Please use it when holding the EZ Series in your hands.
USB Front Cable (1m) CA5-USBEXT-01 Extension cable attaching USB (Type A) interface to front panel.
2mm Spacer for panel thickness adjustment PFXZCCAT1 2mm (0.08 in.) spacer to adjust installation panel thickness.
Installation Nut *1 PFXZGMNT1 Nut for installation to a solid panel (10 pcs/set)
Socket Wrench *1 PFXZGMSW1 Socket Wrench to tighten and loosen the installation nut. (1piece/set)
  1. One piece is included in the package.