November 2014 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

Remote HMI Promotion

From now through December 25, 2014, you can purchase the Pro-face Remote HMI from App Store or Google play for $19.99—that's a full $100 off list price! Pro-face Remote HMI allows you to assist HMI operation with a smart phone and/or tablet device.

GP4000M Rear Module

We are happy to introduce the new GP4000M Series Rear Module. The GP4000M Rear Module can bridge devices from two different networks, each operating on a different industrial communications protocol. Coupled with our Remote HMI app, screens that are normally displayed through a display unit, can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone.

GP-Viewer EX Video

GP-Viewer EX allows a PC to directly view, access and control a remote HMI unit. Users can view screens synchronously (view and check the same screen as the display unit at the site) or asynchronously (view and operate different screens from the one shown on the display unit at the site).