BLUE Open Studio Features

Flexible software for your need

Basic Features

Scripting Animation Recipes Email (SMTP)
Security Database Multi-touch FTP
Symbols Events Reports Historical Performance
Tags Database Graphic and Design Tools Scalable PDF Export
Troubleshooting Trends Schedular SSL Support for Emails
Gestures Multi-Language OPC DDE Client
Alarms ActiveX and .NET Intellectual Property Protection Custom Widgets


  • 250+ available communication drivers for PLCs and many other devices.
  • Native OPC interfaces such as OPC UA/DA
  • Active X and .Net controls
  • Support upper connectivity to DB through MQTT.


Database Connect to any SQL database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle), or Microsoft Access or Excel, and ERP/MES systems (including SAP), even from Windows Embedded Compact Edition. BLUE Open Studio is flexible, offering a built in interface that doesn’t require knowledge of SQL for trends, alarms/events, grid and other objects).

For details, refer to Database Availability


BLUE Open Studio provides native OPC interfaces, such as OPC DA (Server/Client), OPC HDA(Server), UA (Server/Client) and OPC .NET 3.0 (Client). BLUE Open Studio also supports OPC XML.

For details, refer to OPC Server Client Availability


Real-time and Historical trends, and SPC functionality are supported. Log data in binary format, or to any local or remote SQL database. Color or fill trends with graphic elements to enhance clarity of data. Date/ Time based or numeric (X/Y plot) trends give you the flexibility to display information that best suits your application.

Custom Widget

Custom Widgets provides the ability to integrate third-party web-based controls into the HMI/SCADA project screens. Develop and share a library of controls that can be easily integrated into an application and accessible through multiple platforms.


Take advantage of built-in functionality to create 21 CFR part 11 compliant projects with traceability and e-signatures.

Remote Access

Access your BLUE Open Studio Screen from any device with a browser that supports HTML5, such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices, and others.

  • Studio Mobile Access
    App store/Google play PC browser
  • Secure Viewer
    Dedicated application


BLUE Open Studio includes support for saving historical data from some task worksheets to a Historian database or AVEVA Insight.