April 2016 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

HMI Selector

Filter product choices by control, screen size, interface, and other options to find the right HMI for your needs with the new Pro-face HMI Selector. It also offers list price & availability by part number. Find it on profaceamerica.com under Product > Product Tools in the navigation bar.

GP-Pro EX Training

Pro-face offers extensive hands-on training for our HMI products and software. Training sessions of 1 to 3 days are crafted to meet the needs of your design and maintenance engineers. Sign up for the May 10-12, 2016 class today!

Enhanced HMI

Pro-face SP5000 Enhanced HMI Series offers separate display and box modules for a mix and match capability giving you flexibility, easy screen replacement without re-programming, and multiple programming options with the power and open node boxes.

Visit www.profaceamerica.com