Application Examples Page 2

Improve operation rate | Improve ability

Introduce traceability without replacing all of your current equipment

"Our plan for new traceablity system has one major problem, it costs a lot to replace the old equipment.
But Pro-face's small units complete our traceablity system in a low-cost way.
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Improve ability

Without using PC, Rewrite JOB programs

"Because there are lots of oil-mist and dusts on the production site, an ordinary PC breaks down as soon as it is installed."
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Improve quality

Checking test information on a tablet improves efficiency.

"Every time an alarm occurs, I travel back and forth between the PC and the work pieces on the production line. I'd like to make it more effective using a tablet or smartphone."
- Line manager (Customer's comment) ,US