AGP4100 - 3.4" Compact HMIs

Monochrome Touchscreen Operator Interface
with Alarm Color

  - Graphic Display Resolution: 200 x 80 pixels
- Display Type and Size: 3.4" Monochrome LCD
- Touch Screen: Resistive Film (analog) 1024 x 1024 resolution
- Backlight: LED (service life: Green/White 50,000 hrs; Red 10,000 hrs)
- Brightness Adjustment: 16 levels of adjustment via touch screen
- Contrast Adjustment: 8 levels of adjustment via touch screen
- Ambient Operating Temerpature: 0 to 50 deg C (32 to 122 deg F)
- Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 deg C (-4 to 140 deg F)
- Environmental Ratings: IP65f, NEMA Type 4x/13
- Certifications: CE, UL Listed, RoHS, CSA

Download Literature: 4100 Datasheet | 4104 Datasheet | Brochure | Catalog

Part Number to Order:
Display Colors:
G1 Models - Green/Orange/Red (16 shades); W1 Models - White/Pink/Red (16 shades)
Serial Ports (COMC1):
RS485MPI (isolated)
Yes, RJ-45 jack
USB Ports:
USB 2.0 Type A (for project PC or USB memory transfer and barcode input)
USB Ports:
USB 2.0 Type mini-B (for project transfer)
Application Memory:
2.2MB Flash EPROM
Backup Memory:
No internal backup SRAM
Input Voltage:
24 VDC
Power Consumption:
2.7W or less
2.7W or less
3.0 or less
6.2W or less
Power Consumption (USB devices): 6.0W or less 6.0W or less 6.2W or less 6.5W or less